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Providing Emotional Support

From everyday issues to big transitions, parents are what keep kids grounded and able to adapt to life’s changes.

Providing Emotional Support

Getting Through the Holiday Hump

While the holidays can be great for families, they can also wreak havoc on students’ focus. It may be more difficult to get back into the swing of academia again after a long break. Everyone knows the old saying: if you don’t use it, you lose it...

Healthy Lunches and Happy Learning

Over the years, schools have tried a lot of different things to help students improve their learning skills and maintain attention. They’ve tried banning cellphones, extending school days, giving bonuses to educators whose students receive the...

Recognizing the First Signs of Bullying

A lot can happen in three months. Over summer break students can grow, move away or find new friend groups. And by the time the school year begins, the environment students were previously accustomed to may now be completely foreign. Whether your...

Social Skills for Starting School

As you probably remember, school isn’t just about learning math, science and reading. You also learn how to interact with others, collaborate and resolve conflicts. Are there things you can do as a parent to prepare your child to be socially...

Help Your Teen Thrive in High School

Studies show that parent involvement in students’ school lives drops off dramatically as students move from elementary school into middle and high school. And that’s probably exactly what your student wants at that age (you remember being a...

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