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Parents and Educators Are a Team

Ensuring your child’s success in school may seem daunting. More expectations are placed on students today than ever before.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. You have teammates, and pretty great ones at that. Your child’s educators are dedicated to their success, and you can collaborate with them.

While these educators are helping out at school, what can the family do at home to be a good teammate too? Here’s a list of tips and activities to support your child’s education goals:

  • Pay close attention to weekly folders and communications from the school.
  • Read frequently with your child, and encourage nonfiction as well as fiction.
  • Play math games with your child to support their math fluency.
  • Review their homework to ensure that it’s complete and correct.
  • Talk to school administrators for additional resources for your child, or if you think they need more help.
  • Watch documentary programs with your child. Turn the closed-captioning on so they can read the words too.
  • Visit your state education department’s website to learn more about what your specific education standards are and how they’re implemented.
  • Ask your child questions about what they’re learning.

With these ideas, you can actively engage your child in their learning and complement their educators’ work. You make a great team!

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