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Parent & Educator Partnerships

By working together as a team, parents and educators can give children the best, most well-rounded education.

Parent & Educator Partnerships

Turning a Lens on Focus

If you’ve ever struggled to keep your child focused and on-task at home, it’s not hard to imagine what your child’s educator goes through day in and day out. However, when parents develop effective strategies at home to improve focus and...

Supporting Learning at Various Levels

Backpacks, lunchboxes, notebooks are “one size fits all” items for every student. Your child’s education, however, is not. Every student learns a little differently. Whether your child is excelling in the classroom or needs additional help with...

The Art of Asking Questions

You’re probably used to a lot of questions from your child. Why is the sky blue? How do fish breathe in water? What are we eating for lunch? You’re probably not as used to asking questions to your child. Or, if you are, not necessarily getting a...

Preparing for Back to School Night

Nothing says another school year is upon us quite like Back to School Night. Literally it’s in the name, yes, but also in the opportunity to meet your child’s educators and their classmates’ parents. And you can use this opportunity to start the...

a parent at a parent-teacher conference

Parents and Educators Are a Team

Ensuring your child’s success in school may seem daunting. More expectations are placed on students today than ever before. Fortunately, you’re not alone. You have teammates, and pretty great ones at that. Your child’s educators are dedicated to...

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