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Technology in the Classroom and at Home

While school buildings look the same from the outside, they have definitely changed on the inside.

In some classrooms, chalkboards have been replaced with interactive smart boards that digitize what’s being written on them in real time. You may also find students on mobile devices and laptops searching the internet, using online education portals or taking tests. Educators can also use these tools to share videos from online platforms and conduct interactive educational exercises.

But just because the fancy equipment stays in the classroom doesn’t mean you can’t use modern technology in the home to reinforce learning.

If your child is struggling with a specific subject or concept, there may be an app help them understand it better. If you are having trouble helping your child with an assignment, a simple internet search may help clear things up for you.

The changing classroom can feel jarring and some may want to hold onto old methods of education. However, it is important to remember that using technology that appeals to students can help motivate them to learn.

Students succeed when they stay motivated in their education at home, and as a parent you can help by using technology yourself. Since you know your child and their needs, think of the tools and technologies you can use with them. Set goals for your child and think of how you can leverage technology to achieve these goals. Think of how you can incorporate learning with how they already use their smartphone or computer.

Check online to find out what the most effective learning tools are. Even if you don’t always have the latest, most updated technology at home, you can gain a good understanding and make the most of what you do have.

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